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The average consumer is bombarded with so many ads on a regular basis that he filters out most of them subconsciously, considering them to be mere ‘noise’. However, a company can’t afford to have audiences simply ignoring its brand. This is where interactive displays come in. Interactive displays get past the consumer’s psychological block by making the target audience perform an activity and requiring them to actively engage with the brand. They are immersive and engaging, and work brilliantly on desktop and tablets, although mobiles are the most preferred device in terms of showing results via interactive ads. The interactive displays by Scintilla Kreations lead to higher lead conversion, generate more data for market research and are a preferred choice of several major clients.


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To begin with, the digital signage kiosk application development solutions from Scintilla Kreations can improve customer service by automating specific tasks such as providing information, enabling a transaction and/or facilitating your brand/product/service reach out to prospective customers at essential places of the city, such as inside malls, multiplexes and so on. A leader among the best interactive touch-screen design companies in India, Scintilla Kreations is focused on facilitating a lasting impression and connection for your company/brand/product/service.

What’s more, with interactive multi-touch display technology, the kiosks can function as unmanned stores as well. So, look no further. Turn to Scintilla Kreations for captivating kiosk software solutions in India. Want to know how to ‘wow’ your target audience with a superior engagement initiative? Place digital signage kiosks with interactive technology from one of the best kiosk software development companies – Scintilla Kreations – at strategic points throughout the city. If you think what difference would a multi-touch display kiosk with touch screen monitors and digital menu displays make, the answer is: endless possibilities and prospects.


What are interactive displays?

It is a mounted device that enables users to view visual presentations through digital touchscreen. It increases customer engagement and brings more business opportunities, facilitating your brand presence at many places.

How do businesses benefit from digital signage kiosks?

This is a cost-effective, reliable and easily accessible medium to speed up brand promotion and customer experience.

Which is the best interactive display app development company?

Scintilla Kreations has the expertise, experience and is digitally proficient to work on interactive display app development. The creative advertising agency has facilitated a number of diverse clients reach out to potential customers through interactive touch screen designs that brought business prospects.

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