Museums & Gallery Designing

Creating a richer spatial ambience through new age digital tools

Enhancing visitor experience through next level graphics and 3D Project Mapping

Scintilla Kreations’ futuristic branding solutions for museums and art galleries is a tale of unbridled creativity that helps in showcasing their rich cultural ambience and artistic artefacts through new age digital tools. With interactivity and responsiveness at the heart of each solution, the company’s strong focus is on applying innovation through next level graphics and 3D projection mapping. Enhancing visitor experience is the cornerstone on which each assignment takes roots. It is this unwavering passion for creating something unique that has given wings to Team Scintilla’s aspiration of reaching new heights that can be viewed at Bapu Museum, Kondapalli Fort Gallery and Kurnool Museum to name a few. So if you want your museum/art gallery to acquire a look that’s ideal for attracting more visitors, talk to Scintilla Kreations and see how our design arrangements map out with your vision.