Projection Mapping

Unique, Visualized Storytelling With Projection Mapping

Projection mapping involves projecting onto 3D objects for a spectacular multimedia show. No matter what message or experience you want to share with your audience, projection mapping makes it appear delightfully dazzling and sure to leave a lasting impression on their minds. Visual graphics and 3D elements have always played a pivotal part in making an event come alive. Projection mapping utilizes 3D laser projection, in which moving visuals are mapped strategically onto surfaces, with fantastic results. This creates illusions out of seemingly ordinary situations and circumstances, making projection mapping a preferred story-telling tool. At Scintilla Kreations, our skilled experts have over two decades of experience in projection mapping techniques and are sure to bring their high- quality and high-technology expertise onsite to mesmerize your audience.


Our Projection Mapping Works

3D projection mapping company in India with a difference

In essence, the illusion of 3D art through projection mapping is the cynosure of all eyes in product/service launches, corporate events/parties and lots more. What’s more, from the most appealing laser show service in India to spatial augmented reality across the globe, with Scintilla Kreations at your service, you can look forward to amazing visual displays rich in concept and resplendent in content. So no matter what, when it comes to optical illusions to delight your distinguished audience, trust the lighting show makers in India – Scintilla Kreations.

The shining star among Projection Mapping Makers in Hyderabad
So if you want your brand promotion or corporate event to rise above static, flat display into a spectacular work of art while blowing the minds of the spectators, it’s time to meet the pioneer among projection mapping services in Hyderabad – Scintilla Kreations. With technological artists and creative innovators with expertise in projection mapping and illuminating laser shows in the formidable team of one of the famous Projection Mapping Making Companies in Hyderabad – Scintilla Kreations – you are assured of the unimaginable for less than you can imagine!


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