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Virtual Reality is the new buzzword globally. Tech giants like Sony, Facebook, Google and Samsung have over a 50% market share and VR is expected to grow phenomenally in the coming years. In India itself, the Virtual Reality market is expected to take a leap over the next few years. Today, several companies prefer Virtual Reality as a convincing marketing strategy, for its ability to effectively capture the imagination of their target audience.

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Virtual Reality Company in india
Virtual Reality Companies In india

A Visionary Among Virtual Reality Companies In Hyderabad

Scintilla Kreations, with over two decades of experience in the field of advertising, offers yeoman service to companies seeking innovative and technologically sophisticated methods to outwit the competition. Scintilla Kreations, one of the leading virtual reality companies in India, stands tall in the market for its ability to offer high quality content, effective solutions and customer engagement. Top virtual reality companies like Scintilla Kreations know that virtual reality is the ultimate tool to help the customer visualize what you want him or her to see.

Virtual reality is moving at a rapid pace in Hyderabad. A tectonic shift in branding rendered by the pioneer among the global list of virtual reality companies – Scintilla Kreations- allows your target audience to virtually experience, first hand, what the product feels like. The audience is given an opportunity to form an emotional bond with the brand or product, while

simultaneously forging an authentic and possibly long-lasting equation with the company.

In recent times, Virtual reality has been used across various industries to boost marketing statistics. In the aviation industry, All Nippon Airways (ANA) utilized VR to market “The Room”, their new business class cabin. Prospective clients could use VR to take a tour of “The Room”, and experience everything from the features of the seats, ordering meals, opening and closing doors and adjusting the lighting. Similarly, the New York Times Virtual Reality project “Displaced” helped viewers experience a first hand account of the devastation of War. A leader among Virtual Reality companies, Scintilla Kreations has taken marketing to a new level and has delighted its clientele. Scintilla Kreations’ reputed VR projects include an interactive tour of Bapu’s museum in Vijayawada, virtual restoration of Kondapalli fort and virtual tours to pilgrimage sites like Rameswaram and Tirupathi.


What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is an innovative and interactive technology that uses VR headsets and glasses focussing on audio, visuals and touch to give the audience a realistic experience. It blends real world with the simulated one to give the user an interesting and memorable experience.

What is Virtual Reality technology used for?

VR technology is used in entertainment, retail, tourism, healthcare, real estate, education and marketing. With Virtual Reality, the user can tour around a place, check products before buying, get insights on history of a place. It is the best marketing strategy that lets customers strongly connect with the brand.

How does Virtual Reality help in tourism?

The 360-degree videos viewed on VR headsets helps in getting insights on history, monuments, landscapes and cultural settings. It can delight a tourist with engaging and interactive experience.

How to choose the top VR app development company?

There are several VR app development companies but explore their strengths and their past work before working with them. Scintilla Kreations is one of the leading VR app development companies with over 2 decades of experience in various projects. The company received positive feedback for its successful AR/VR solutions at prominent places including India’s famous forts and museums.

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